Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Windmill Vandals is part two of the third episode of Season 4 of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by Bill Marsilii.

The episode was produced in 2002 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on September 20 of that year.


When the Bagge's windmill stops turning, four undead vandals attack everyone in the homestead. Now, Courage, Muriel and Eustace have to fix the windmill and get it running again before the vandals' revenge is fully carried out.


On a rather ominous night at the farm, Eustace watches TV while Courage poses for a statue that Muriel is making. Suddenly, the windmill's motor breaks down, and the the windmill slows down. This causes the power in the house to flicker. Muriel tells Eustace to fix it. He climbs up, and bashes the windmill with a hammer, causing the front nose cone to fall off. This just causes the windmill to stop completely, and the power in the house to fail.

Eustace orders Courage to climb up and help. Courage notices a black cloud approaching the farm. But, Eustace gets the propeller spinning again, and the cloud disappears. Eustace tells Courage to hold a part of the windmill in place with a wrench, and stay put until he returns with another part. Eustace and Muriel leave, and Courage gets tired from holding his arms up. He lets go, and the windmill stops turning again. The black cloud comes back, and inside of it are four figures: skeletons wearing Viking style armor, wielding weapons, and riding on skeletal horses. They circle the windmill, and Courage climbs back up to try and fix it. He uses the wrench, and the propeller starts up again. The skeleton warriors vanish.

Courage again falls from the windmill, bringing the wrench with him. In trying to climb back up, Courage manages to accidentally scrape away some of the paint on the back of the propeller blades. He gets the windmill to spin again, and the skeletons disappear once more. Eustace comes back outside to continue working on the windmill, which is starting to slow down again. Muriel sees the bits of paint falling from the sky. Courage climbs back up, and notices that there are symbols on the blades where the paint was scraped off. He snaps some pictures, then goes inside to scan them into the computer.

Computer then explains that 250 years ago, the first owner of the Bagge's farm, Jiles Galette, built the windmill. During this time, others in the area depended on water wheels run by a group of vandals. When the water dried out, the farmer was the only one with a working mill. The vandals despised him, but he kept them at bay by carving magical symbols on the blades of his windmill wheel. Legend says if the windmill ever stops turning, the vandals will return from the grave and seek vengeance on all who possess it.

The windmill stops turning again. The vandals reappear, and circle the Bagges. Eustace gets beheaded by one of the vandals, and his body tries looking around for his head. Courage climbs the windmill, and runs across the blades to get them to spin. Muriel eventually realizes the connection, but points out only Eustace knows how to fix the windmill. The headless farmer accidentally breaks the base of the windmill with a hammer, causing the whole thing to collapse.

The vandals reappear again, and chop Muriel's head off. Courage tries taking Muriel's head to her body, but gets beheaded as well. What follows is a game of keepaway with swapping heads. Courage (with Muriel's body) manages to stop the vandals for a bit by using Eustace's head as a bowling ball, and knocking them all over. The family puts the right heads on the right bodies, then hurry to fix the windmill. The vandals put themselves together, and get back on their horses. Courage, Eustace, and Muriel manage to get the windmill turning just as the vandals attack Muriel again. The vandals disappear in a puff of smoke. Courage then notices the magical symbols on the windmill blades, when put together, form a simplified picture of Jiles Galette.

Courage falls off of the windmill again, landing on his owners and causing the group's heads to fall off again. Eustace calls Courage a "stupid dog."


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  • This is one of the few episodes where both Eustace and Muriel are fully aware of the threat/antagonists and work together with Courage to defeat it.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Eustace was successfully able to contribute to the antagonists' defeat. (Without him, the windmill would have never been fixed, and the Windmill Vandals would have never been defeated.)
  • The background on the TV where Eustace is watching the gladiators fight uses the one from the episode "Courage Vs. Mecha Courage".
  • The Vandals only seem to attack the Bagges because they are living at the farmhouse.
  • The Vandals are based on an ancient Germanic tribe of people who were responsible for invading and sacking Ancient Rome.


  • Even though there were other instances where the windmill was damaged throughout the show, the vandals only appeared in this episode.